Welcome to the new era – Unmanned aircraft will deliver your order in less than an hour

As the year is quickly approaching to an end and holiday shoppers are busy sorting out their shopping carts, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss and founder, dropped a bomb that cause every chat room on the planet to explode.

Barely few days ago, Jeff Bezos revealed a highly ambitious plan of human-less delivery drone that promises to cut delivery time significantly. While there is no clear horizon as to when this would be happening, it appears that clearing the regulatory pathway is more challenging than clearing the technological hurdles.

Already photos of tiny planes bearing Amazon’s logo are mushrooming all over the Internet. It seems that some geeks like to express their humorous side with some of them attempting to predict what the rules of the games would be like.

But before we get to see the idea put into real use, thousands of doubts and questions will remain and I bet even guys at Amazon themselves have no clear clues. Just for curiosity sake, there are a number of basic questions that Bezos (maybe) have the answer. Even with no serious thinking, I can already come up with sets of doubts that I bet most people would be interested in their answers too.

At what height will the drone be flying at? Is it going to be 10 metres high? Or will it be 100 metres high? If it is flying only 10 m above us, is it too prone to be targeted (even small kids know how to shoot a stone up to 10 m high)? But if it is flying more than 100 m, how secure is the package going to be? Will the pressure and speed do harm to the items being carried?

Since these drones will need no human operator, where will all the delivery men go? Are they still going to have a job at all? Will it cause more people to be unemployed? So the question is, when taken as a whole, will this be good for the economy as a whole or will this just be better for Amazon (as they get to increase their margin with the lower cost)?

What would the delivery cost be? Will the minimum $35 order still remain? Or will it be lower or higher?


The number and type of questions is certainly endless but let’s try to see things in more positive light. Given what Amazon has become in the past few years, I’d trust that they have what it takes and assume that they’ll be capable of pulling all the parts and make it happen in 4 to 5 years time.